Transco International Cargo Services (Pvt) Limited is an International Freight Forwarding company in Sri Lanka. With over 20 years of experience, we are an integrated logistics service provider in the Asia Pacific region with a strong global presence.

Transco has grown to become one of the most prominent clearing house agents in Sri Lanka, with exclusive facilities to handle the clearance of Unaccompanied Personal Baggage (UPB). We have established Sri Lankan Customs approved Bonded Warehouses in Wattala and Dambulla – based on  the performance, trust and service provided to the consignees.

Our bonded warehouses are strategically located in Wattala (Western Province) and Dambulla (Central Province) to ensure convenient distribution of cargo to customers from various geographic locations within Sri Lanka. Our operations are handled by well-experienced, courteous staff who take extreme care of your cargo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please call our office for the quickest way to find out

Yes – please provide written permission authorising the person to collect the consignees goods as well as the passport

For Gifts (where shipper is different to the consignee) – National ID and Original Invoice if applicable

For UPB (where shipper is the same as the consignee) – Passport and Original Invoice if applicable.

Yes. Transco has a fleet of vehicles to deliver goods to your doorstep.

Please check our Vacancies page for any open positions